Youtube just went full retard

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Listen fuckers I’m trying to listen to Johhny Cash, and before that I wanted to listen to Molotov, and Control Machete and Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, I really don’t want to see what all of your fucking Jewish friends are up to.

I only watched Sacha Baron Cohen sixteen years ago, on a CD, when I was younger and retarderer. He’s a crap actor following a well known political agenda, I’m sure you know what agenda that is. Google was still begging for money in front of the synagogue at that point, to get Altavista of the market.

Yeah I know NAZI’s were bad, the Holocoast and all that, and Arabs are bad too, and retarded naked cartoon people, from some Hungarian guy that fucks someone at google, are super funny, but I really don’t want to see them.

I wan’t funny the first 30 times you recommended that crap to me while I was listening to MUSIC in fucking SPANISH cabron, but really now I have seen the light please give me only bad Jewish comedians, NAZI and bad arabs related recommendations.

No really, I promise I will never say anything bad about Jews, ever, if you just recommend stuff I could actually like. It’s simple, just look at the title and give me stuff that matches that, like in the nineties.


(*until I can find a fucking video site that is not owned by Google. Also Fuck Vevo, fucking retarded morals police wet dream.)
(** I’m using Yandex for search now, fuck DuckDuckGo and all their Israeli freedom fighters)


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